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At the beginning of July, I ordered an ABRIDER from HSN. I put it together fairly easily, but the DVD was not included. I called HSN and was told it would take 7 days for me to receive them. Ten days later, I called again and was told that it actually would take 21 days.

The DVD(s) arrived. I put one in and started using my ABRIDER. The seat hit the "stop" on the back of the machine.

So I called Icon Fitness and spoke to Rebecca. She told me that it sounded like the "bushing" had been damaged in shipping and that a new "bushing" and a new seat would be sent. It was.

The bushing part is between two parts that I did not install. I have been emailing Josi at Icon since the first week of September. I have an Allen wrench; I tried to loosen the part. She asked if I was using the correct size. I replied that I was. Then she said the part I was trying to loosen was fastened with Loctite, and I would have to hold the adjoining part while trying to loosen it.

This was my reply:


Loctite is used to prevent parts from loosening.

So you are asking me, your customer, to struggle to remove a part that she did not install and that was "damaged during shipping" and possibly injure herself? Etc.

She advised me to make an appointment with a service technician, for a fee of $99.

I am furious.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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