Bought a recumbent exercise bike on 05-jan-2013. During 2 hour build-out, found bad scraping noise when pedaling.

Called CS number from front page of manual -- which was printed wrong. The manual has the last two numbers swapped. Checked online to find correct number, and called. 52 minutes of obnoxious music-on-hold later, rude CS rep takes my info, and reluctantly schedules an on-site technician.

He calls three days later, has me put my phone up to the bike to listen to the scraping noise, then tells me it's a known problem, and he'll order parts.A parts package arrives 12 days later, so I call to have the Tech come and install them. Takes 6 days of phone tag before an appt. is scheduled. He comes out, finds that the most important part -- a new flywheel -- has not shipped.

He disassembles the bike to verify the problem, and confirms it needs a new flywheel. He checks the online parts order system, which shows the flywheel has not shipped. He says to call Icon CS the next day to inquire on the status of the flywheel -- says I should ask for 2-day UPS Blue shipping.Called this morning -- another 42 minutes on hold. They say the flywheel is back ordered -- AND THEY DON'T KNOW WHEN IT WILL BE IN STOCK.

Could be tomorrow, could be next week, could be six weeks -- they don't know, and they have no way to find out.

(When I mentioned I was unhappy with the 45 minutes on hold, the CS rep told me some people wait up to 4 hours, implying that I should be happy it was only 45 minutes. This is your busy season every year, so maybe add enough staff to handle the call volume?)So, I've got an unusable exercise bike, half disassembled, waiting on a critical part, which may not arrive for 6 to 8 weeks.Summary:- All calls to CS require 45+ minutes on hold before speaking with a generally unhelpful -- if not rude -- rep;- Critical part back-ordered, but they don't notify you unless you call (and wait on hold).- They don't know when the part will be in stock -- not even an estimate.Icon handles support for many brands -- including NordicTrak -- so from now on I will always check before buying any piece of fitness equipment to make sure it is not an Icon brand.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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