I tried to cancel my order the day I placed the order. I was unable to speak with a customer service representative and was sent to a voicemail.

I didn't receive a follow-up call until the next day. Also, I sent an email and did not receive a response. For a large multi-brand international company with 2500 employees that level of customer service is inexcusable. After I finally talked to a rep they informed me of there horrible return policy.

It would cost me 1/4 of the price (restocking and shipping fees) of the product to cancel the order. I decided not to return the product because of the inordinate return price and schedule my local delivery.

When my local delivery didnt show up as scheduled, I called to learn that they charged my credit card for the return fees and didn't even credit me for the purchase. They are still trying to claim that I am wrong even though I talked to the shipping company and had a scheduled delivery setup.

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March '97 we bought a Pro-Form treadmill that has operated well until the rear roller ***'y failed. We contacted Icon, and after an

unsuccessful 40+ min wait to speak to a rep, we tried sending an e-mail.

It says our model & serial numbers are "invalid", won't recognize neither the date we purchased nor the purchase price.... I would strongly urge anyone to avoid buying Pro-Form Utah products because their customer service is non-existent & inaccessible.

Logan Village, Queensland, Australia #122569

Sorry for the double post, I thought I was replying to a different thread. ICON has me so frustrated I cant even keep track of my own complaints anymore!

Logan Village, Queensland, Australia #122568

Im sorry to hear about that. If I were in your shoes I would gladly pay the 1/4 restocking fee to never have to deal with this company again.

Hands down the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was shipped the wrong model and returned it, and I still havent been refunded 6 weeks later.

Im left speechless after every call with them, as the end result is the customer is held liable when ICON sends the wrong product. Dont even bother trying to escalate, as the managers are worse than 1st level support.

Logan Village, Queensland, Australia #122567

This is hands down the worst company Ive ever dealt with. I ordered a Nordic Track treadmill and received a Pro-form model that was several hundred dollars less than the model I ordered.

I refused the shipment. Called customer service thinking Id hear "Im sorry sir, Ill expedite shipping the correct model to you." Oh no, I got nothing like that from support. All I got was "why did you refuse shipment?" I would tell them because its not the correct model and I didnt want to be responsible for a box bigger than I am. This seemed to really confuse them.

I called with the intention of getting the correct model shipped, but after dealing with their customer service I decided to cancel altogether to avoid ever having to deal with them again. So here I am over 6 weeks later, and my account has still not been refunded the $1,2000 dollars my card was charged. Everytime I call them, I get the same thing "We have not yet received the product back", even though Old Dominion insists it was delivered 2 weeks ago. I am getting very tired of this and meeting with an attorney this afternoon to see what my options are.

DO NOT DEAL WITH ICON FITNESS! They actually are detrimental to your health from all the stress they cause.

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