I have had my Stride Trainer 380 Eliptical from Icon Fitness for about 5 months. It has always been a little noisy after a couple of days of use. After 5 months of use my pedal axle broke.

I went to the Icon website for non warranty replacement parts in the second week of October and ordered a replacement pedal axle and complained to the company that the axle had a large void in the metal that broke. I went ahead an ordered another part for it which they had listed out of stock. According to their website out of stock items would take 7 to 10 business days to ship.

Two weeks have passed and after finally getting a response as to when my part would be shipped they said the ETA for THEM receiving the replenishment part would be mid December. Which means I will probably not receive the part to the end of the year.

How does a place with such poor customer service stay in business. I have never done business with Icon fitness before and If I knew at the time I could have ordered the part from another fitness machine part store. I will never buy another Icon Fitness Product of any kind including the high dollar equipment which is highly rated due to the custmerservice. There has to be someone else out their that builds a good product with better customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Unfortunately, this long delay is not unusual for ICON Fitness. I purchased a treadmill in December 2010 and it was delivered damaged to my home three months later.

We annotated on the shipping invoice that the item had been damaged, but all ICON fitness would do is replace the visibly damaged components. At first the only recognizable damage was a crack motor shroud, but we quickly realized that the controller and another small console were also damaged on the treadmill. ICON Fitness has either sent the wrong part or had the other part on backorder since the damaged delivery in Late February 2011. It is now the end of June 2011 and the $2000+ treadmill is still broken and I have yet to run on it.

ICON Fitness will do nothing to return or replace the broken treadmill.

It has been a complete nightmare. I would highly recommend looking outside of the ICON fitness brands for fitness equipment based on my experience.


Dear Customer,

My name is Brady and I work for Icon Health and Fitness. If you will email me at onlinesupport@iconfitness.com, I would be happy to look into your service file.

If you are still waiting for a part I can sure see if I can speed the process up for you. If anybody else is having problems, please send me an email.

I am happy to lend a hand. **Thanks** :)

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