I'll never buy another piece of equipment from them. My first shipment arrived incredibly damaged. I refused delivery. About 2 weeks later, I called ICON Fitness about this. Notice I said I called them. They didn't even bother to contact me about reshipping for 2 weeks. I spoke with a rep and during the conversation she stated they had this problem with this shipper frequently. HELLO. Why do you still use them (the company is ESTES btw.). So a little over a month and a half after my purchase, I finally receive my product. I get it upstairs and start to assemble. There is still damage... Cracked Casing, sensory handles peeling off, bowed motor enclosure. Really?

I called in again to state my displeasure. I was told that I would be contacted by the customer service representatives manager/supervisor. That never happened.

Instead, I had to repeatedly reach out to the service rep to find resolution. I got a 3 year basic warranty comped. If any of this is any indicator, I'm sure I'm going to need it.

This still isn't right in my eyes and I'd tell anyone who asked not to buy from these guys. I'd have rather spent a few hundred extra dollars had I known I was going to be getting ***-poor service.

This isn't even everything.... The online chat service was even worse than this (if you can imagine). Just do yourself a favor and stay away, far away.

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