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So, I ordered an elliptical online on a Saturday from Proform. That same day, maybe an hour later, I decided to cancel my order.

I called the customer service number for ProForm and was told that no one there could help me, it's the weekend, and I needed to call the returns number on Monday. Around 10:00 on Monday morning, I called the returns number given. After being on hold for more than 45 minutes, I hung up. I was at work, figured they were busy and I'd try to call them again in an hour.

I tried to call them back, was promptly put on hold and again, no answer by ANYONE for over a half an hour. I promptly sent an email to customer service cancelling my order. Nothing had been sent out or done on my order, so it shouldn't have been a problem. A day later I get a response from a customer service person saying how great their deal on this was, I could get upgraded shipping, yada, yada, yada....I sent a response back saying, "No thank you.

Please cancel my order as I originally requested and send confirmation that this has been done. No response to my request....nothing. Then about an hour or 2 after that, that same day, I get an email saying, "Great news! Your order has shipped!" I again sent an email saying I cancelled my order, please confirm this immediately.

I don't want this! Nothing. After a few weeks or so, I get a call from the shipping company asking to set up a time for delivery, and I told them I was refusing delivery because I had cancelled the order....which I had, time and time again. So it was sent back.

I just now got a message from Icon Health trying to verify that I did not, in fact, want this equipment, to give them a call, and that there will be a return shipping charge. I tried to call them back and got a message that the number I was trying to call was not a valid number. What the *** is up with this company?!!! I CANNOT believe how difficult this company has made this whole thing.

I tried to stop the initial shipment of this equipment in the firstplace, so NO ONE would be out ANY money, and my request was totally ignored, both by phone AND email!!!

I will NEVER, EVER recommend anything by this company and will warn people everywhere to stay as far away from them as possible. I might even have to get a lawyer involved--absolutely ridiculous!!!

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