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Bought shoes in November from Altra Running Company.... They fell apart so I tried to return per thier 30 day money back guarantee the so proudly advertise.

Waited on hold for over an hour twice with no luck reaching an agent. Emailed and got a response, but no RMA or refund provided. Tried to chat but they couldn't help because thats only sales. Disputed the charge with my credit card company in January.

Got a letter from company where Icon fitness "claims" that they had offered to refund money if I only returned the shoes so credit card closed the case. Spent a couple more hours on phone, email, chat and finally got an RMA number sent. Returned shoes and spent more time on hold trying to get ahold of customer support who finally told me a credit was issues. Contacted again in June and they appologized after I waited on hold and said they would expedite payment.

2 weeks later I spend another 2 hours on the phone and they tell me they won't issue a credit without a fax from my credit card company (who closed the dispute 4 months earlier). More time on hold... fax sent.... still no credit....

will probably need to call and spend more time on hold. Would like to find other customers with similar experiences and take action against this company.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Seconding the other comment - ordering directly from Altra is easy and the 30-day return thing sounds nice, but don't fall for it. They are incredibly slow with refunds and their customer service is really bad (I believe it's ICON that handles their returns).

Altra shoes are great, so order from a reputable (running) shoe retailer with better customer service, some of who also offer no-questions returns on running shoes. Just don't order directly from the Altra website if you think you'd need to return the shoes


Ordering is easy but try and send them back. They are sooooo slow.

I don't get it, can't be that hard to do a return. They tell you to email customer service and then they never email you back.

So you email again and still do not hear anything and you finally have to call. It is in believe crappy customer service.


Absolutely love the shoes, despise the so-called customer service! I am still trying to get my money back from ordering a wrong size 3+ weeks ago.

Their stories /dates continue to evolve with negative results on my refund.

CAVEAT: Save yourself massive aggravation and purchase your Altras from a reputable seller. While Altra makes awesome shoes, they need to entirely exit the online retail scene due to their lousy and shameful customer service!

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